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- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

Política Catalana és un projecte basat en la gestió de la informació. Triem i ordenem les noticies que tenen a veure amb la política catalana i ho fem de forma totalment transversal.

A més, afegim una secció de confidencial amb aquelles informacions que no es publiquen en altres mitjans però que ajuden a entendre per què passen algunes de les noticies.

Política Catalana no opina, serveix informació perquè qui ens segueixi es creï la seva pròpia opinió.


Countable Congress

- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

--- Featured on MSNBC, the Today Show, The New York Times, Wired and Politico ---

Direct Democracy with Countable. We Bring Congress to You. Vote on Legislation, Track Your Senator and Representative - Make Government Work

· Short summaries of House and Senate Bills
· Pro/Con arguments
· How it impacts you
· How much the legislation costs

· 1 Click Voting on Bills – Yea / Nay
· Instant emails to your Member of Congress
· Easily Encourage Your Friends to Vote

· Side-by-Side Voting Comparison: You/Your Reps
· See if your rep earned your support

What is Countable?
Tell your Senators and Representative what you think about how they’re doing – not every six or two years – but every day!

Countable is a platform that makes government easy, empowering voters with the knowledge and tools necessary to directly influence policy and keep track of their congressional representatives. Countable provides users with an overview of key legislation on important issues, as well as giving voters an easy way to tell their representatives how to vote. Countable provides tools to see how those representatives vote and keep them accountable.

How Countable works?
Countable covers US federal legislation with state and local legislation in the works. Here you can find every bill that matters with a succinct write up. If it’s coming up for a vote, in the news, or controversial – it will be on Countable. This includes: Senate and House Bills, Senate and House simple resolutions, Conference Resolutions, and Joint resolutions.

The Countable editorial team creates objective summaries for each piece of legislation sourcing pertinent resources and providing a pro and con argument. Sources include the Congressional Budget Office, Congressional Research Service, the majority and minority committees handling the legislation, the Executive Branch, and notable news and research about the legislation. We encourage feedback – please go to to provide feedback.

About Countable

--- Hate politics? We do too! Take the politics out of it! Countable is here to bring good and responsive government to the land – to you! ---

Countable was created by a team of dedicated Americans based in San Francisco and Washington DC. We have a deep understanding of the capability of technology and believe that used properly we can make American democracy work in a fashion similar to what our founders envisioned. Our advisory team includes Joe Trippi who ran Howard Dean’s revolutionary Presidential campaign in 2004 and George Gorton, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first hire when he ran for Governor of California.


VoteWatch Europe

- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

VoteWatch Europe A.I.S.B.L. is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Brussels, Belgium, that works for better debates and greater transparency in EU politics.

The VoteWatch Europe app gives you quick access to voting and activity records of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), as well as voting trends during the current parliamentary term (2009-2014).

The VoteWatch Europe app features:

- Searchable MEP profiles, which you can sort by European political group and Member State
- A searchable record of roll call votes , which you can sort by policy area and date
- Voting trends, such as: which MEP or political group is most influential?
- A calendar of European Parliament meetings
- News about VoteWatch Europe

This app has beens developed by VoteWatch Europe AISBL,


Parlament 2012

- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

Aquesta aplicació permet consultar els resultats de les eleccions al Parlament de Catalunya del 25 de novembre de 2012.

Permet consultar la participació, i els resultats de Catalunya, per circumscripcions i per municipis, així com els resultats obtinguts per cada candidatura presentada. També permet accedir a les dades de les eleccions del 2010.

Esta aplicación permite consultar los resultados de las elecciones al Parlamento de Cataluña del 25 de noviembre de 2012.

Permite consultar la participación, y los resultados de Cataluña, por circunscripciones y por municipios, así como los resultados obtenidos por cada candidatura presentada. También permite acceder a los datos de las elecciones del 2010.


Politifact Mobile

- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

Put the Truth-O-Meter in your pocket! PolitiFact Mobile brings Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking to your smart phone or tablet.

PolitiFact Mobile makes it easier than ever to get the truth about American politics. It is produced by PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning website, and includes the mobile-only Truth Index as well as mobile versions of the site´s most popular features — the Truth-O-Meter, the Flip-O-Meter and the Obameter.


• First app dedicated to fact-checking!
• Get the latest Truth-O-Meter rulings
• Report cards allow you to see the Truth-O-Meter records of politicians, political groups and pundits
• Get updates on the campaign promises of President Obama and Republican leaders from our Obameter and GOP Pledge-O-Meter

Features available only on PolitiFact Mobile:

• The Truth-O-Meter Tally – Compare the tally of Truth-O-Meter rulings by subject
• The Truth Index – A daily index that shows the ups and downs of all Truth-O-Meter rulings
• The Flip-O-Meter Tally – See the latest count for Half Flips and Full Flops
• Pants on Fire! Button — An ideal couch companion for political debates

PolitiFact is a venture of the Tampa Bay Times, the Southeast´s largest newspaper. For more information on PolitiFact features, go to:


Canal Parlament

- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

Canal Parlament és una plataforma audiovisual que té per objectiu divulgar l’activitat del Parlament de Catalunya amb continguts informatius accessibles per a tots els públics. Hi trobareu els vídeos de les darreres sessions parlamentàries, així com reportatges, conferències de premsa, i altres programes.


Dilo Aquí

- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política - Activismo y participación ciudadana

Si has sido víctima o testigo de corrupción debes reunir pruebas que permitan investigar el presunto delito. Envíanos tu denuncia con esta App para analizar tu caso y ayudarte a tramitar tu denuncia ante el organismo correspondiente. Es gratis y confidencial.



- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

If you’ve ever wondered who pays the bill for all those TV ads and political campaigns for Congress every election year, now you can find out. From the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, here are the facts behind who’s financing American elections. Here’s what you’ll find in the app:

How Washington really works

* 10 Things every American needs to know about money in politics

The money that elects Congress

* Contribution profiles for every current member of Congress, showing their
- Top donors
- Top industry/interest group supporters
- In-state vs. out-of-state money

* Contribution profiles of every major industry & interest group, showing
- Which interest groups give the most
- Which politicians get the most money

Who paid for this election

* Spending and contribution profiles of every Congressional and Senate race in 2012

All the information comes from the Center for Responsive Politics and is based on official data filed by campaigns with the Federal Election Commission. CRP has been tracking the patterns of money in US elections for more than 20 years, and its award-winning website - - has long been a respected resource for Washington insiders from all sides of the political spectrum.

If you ever wanted to follow the money in Washington, here’s your chance. Don’t wait for Congress to investigate, do it yourself!


Congreso 2.0

- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

Esta aplicación te permitirá consultar la actividad legislativa del Congreso de los Diputados de España durante la presente legislatura (2011-Actualidad). Podrás ver las leyes que han sido aprobadas, así como las rechazadas. También te permitirá ver quién ha propuesto la ley, su fecha de presentación, su estado de tramitación y el texto íntegro de la misma.
En las leyes que estén en tramitación podrás votar SÍ o NO como si fueras un diputado más, y podrás añadir comentarios y compartirlos. Obviamente tu voto no tendrá ninguna validez legal, pero pretendemos que sirva para expresar la opinión popular. Tu voto será totalmente anónimo. No se guardará ningún dato que pueda identificarte a nivel personal.


Settle It! PolitiFact´s Argument Ender

- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

Resolve political arguments at the dinner table, check the facts in campaign ads and test your knowledge of the Truth-O-Meter with PolitiFact´s new Settle It! app.

Do you ever find yourself at the dinner table beside someone who seems to have the facts wrong? Do you wonder about the truth of campaign ads you see on on TV?

Try Settle It! - PolitiFact´s Argument Ender, a free app that lets you to look up Truth-O-Meter fact-checks from, the Pulitzer Prize-winning website.

- Find fact-checks by searching name, keywords and subject
- Browse Truth-O-Meter ratings by person and subject
- Share your findings by email, Facebook and Twitter
- Take the PolitiFact Challenge and test your knowledge of the Truth-O-Meter

PolitiFact is a venture of the Tampa Bay Times and its partner news organizations. For more information on PolitiFact, go to:

Please send feedback and suggestions to Politifact Mobile Support at


USA TODAY Political Ad Tracker

- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

Political Ad Tracker is a project undertaken by the USA TODAY Network to allow users to view, read analyses of and weigh in on advertisements from 2014 U.S. Senate, U.S. House and gubernatorial races from across the nation. Additionally, Political Ad Tracker features content from



- Fiscalización, transparencia y conciencia política

Washington, DC by the numbers

The 2014 midterm elections are approaching fast. With the newest version of Talking Points Memo’s PollTracker app—one of the top apps from the 2012 election season—you’ll have the very latest information about the political campaigns everyone’s going to be talking about, right at your fingertips.

Get up-to-the-minute data on key races for US Senate and governors’ seats, presidential approval, issues like gun control or same-sex marriage, or even the 2016 presidential campaign. With the new PollTracker, you get the data you need—whether that’s an at-a-glance overview of the current situation, or a detailed look at individual polls or polling averages over time.

And with the ability to receive a push notification whenever a new poll is added to a contest you’re following, you’ll never miss an update.

This completely-revamped version of PollTracker is optimized for iOS7, meaning it’s faster and more powerful than ever before.

In addition to all the latest polling, the new PollTracker app prominently features the latest analysis from TPM reporters on campaigns and issues.

Produced by TPM Media, the parent company of the popular political site Talking Points Memo, the PollTracker app uses TPM’s revolutionary PollTracker aggregation methodology to produce results that are truly forward-looking: they show where the data is going, not just where it´s been.

Designed in consultation with renowned polling expert and political scientist Dr. Charles Franklin (University of Wisconsin), TPM’s methodology combines all available public polling into a sophisticated regression analysis.

In short, PollTracker is a must-have app for people who want to stay up-to-date on the political campaigns that are going to shape the country’s future for years to come.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Winner, minOnline Best of the Web Award – Smartphone Application (2013)

George Stephanopoulos, co-anchor of Good Morning America and host of This Week: “Lovin’ PollTracker – can’t beat the one-stop shopping.” (2012)

David Corn, Washington Bureau Chief, Mother Jones magazine: “A political junkie´s dream come true. [...] Here´s an easy-to-use app and a data goldmine — the horse race goes digital!” (2012)

Jonathan Alter, journalist and author: “To stay current nowadays, you need 24-hour mobile access to the most current polling data in all the races or you´re at serious risk of embarrassing yourself. What if I went on TV and said that Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown were even when she was really up by 2 points? I´d look like an idiot. PollTracker Mobile makes me look smarter than I really am.” (2012)

Jake Levin, founder of Electric Objects, former general manager at Digg and Betaworks: “TPM´s Polltracker app is like crack for politics junkies.” (2012)

Marc McKinnon, global vice-chairman of Hill & Knowlton Strategies and co-founder of No Labels: “Crack for political junkies: new polling app. Most up-to-date polls everywhere, with cool graphs, history, all the candy: Polltracker.” (2012)

Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio talk show host and political contributor: “I´ve got this new app I picked up on the iPhone over the weekend. It´s a poll tracker. Every poll in the world, I got a notification alert.” (2012)

Barron’s: “Personal Pollster: PollTracker is the political app of the moment…the must-have campaign app of this political season” (2012)

Forbes: #2, "5 Essential Mobile Apps for Election Season" (2012)

Mashable: Ranked #2, “Inform Your Vote With These 6 Presidential Campaign Apps” (2012)

U.S. News and World Report: #4, “Top 10 Smartphone Apps for the 2012 Campaign” (2012)

Reader’s Digest: #3, “The Six Apps You Need This Election Season”

Black Enterprise: #1, “Three Must-Have Election Tracking Tools” (2012)

Venture Beat: Ranked #7 on “The 11 Best Election Apps to Keep You in the Know” (2012)